This concept was weirdly inspired by Tupac Shakur who said in the intro of his song: Thug Mansion “Tired of getting shot at, tired of being chased by the police and being arrested. We need a spot where we can kick it, a spot where we belong that’s just for us!” Prophetically, he also predicted that he would spark the brain of the person that will change the world. Well, that one line was huge spark for us. No! We will not be building any Thug Mansions, however, we are 100% going to change to the world!

Starting with the Caribbean, we will create City States that will be 2 to 5 square miles in size. They will be independent and isolated similarly to an Indian Reservation in the U.S. or Disney Land. The first of these cities will be built in Jamaica. There will be a total of 8 City States created in Jamaica and another 12 City States created on various islands throughout the English Speaking Caribbean.

These cities will be modern and similar to Dubai. They will be considered TB&E (Tourism, Business and Entertainment) Cities at first. To give you a visual idea, imagine the beaches of a tropical island, merged with the night life of Las Vegas, merged with the business power of Manhattan, New York. 20 TBE cities will be built throughout the Caribbean and will all be united under a single flag and will be called the United States of The Caribbean.

What’s in a name? A lot more than you think!

Africa, the homeland for the children of Summer, will be renamed Kudagia. The continent was named after a Roman General Scipio Africanus. This is 100% unacceptable! Yes, we aware of the debate about whether he had the name first or not, but quite frankly we do not care. The final name was decided by Europeans and we are 100% against that. Furthermore, the continent was given this name during the process of it being colonized. So as far as we are concerned, we are keeping no remnants of the continent’s colonization. We are having NONE of it! Africa will be renamed Kudagia in 2030.


After the completion of the United States of the Caribbean, we will build 20 City states along the Coast of Western Kudagia with an average area of 20 -50 Square miles each. These will be modern cities similarly to Dubai and will be TB&E Cities as well. The primary role of each city will be to pull the parent country out of poverty through Education and Economic development.

Another 20 Cities will be built on the Eastern Coast of Kudagia based on the same model as West Kudagia. Another 20 Cities will be built across Central Kudagia. These 60 City States will make up three independent countries on the continent of Kudagia.

A link to a detailed article on the Kudagian Nations will be provided on this page on January 31st, 2019.
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