What do you get when a group of successful Black professionals such as Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Lawyers, etc live and work together for one vision? The Fortis Society. What do you get when a group of successful Black Military leaders of Ranks E7 and above from the US military work together as leaders and mentors within their communities establishing order and discipline? The Fortis Society. What do you get when you have a large network of Black Teachers and Coaches working together to ensure the highest standards in educational development and success of our kids all over the world? The Fortis Society. What do you have when all the successful Black Billionaires, Millionaires, and CEOs mentor their communities and invest in young Black Inventors and Entrepreneurs? The Fortis Society. What do you get when Black Celebrities work together and use their influence to spread WISDOM, LOVE, ENERGY and UNITY among their communities? You will have the FORTIS SOCIETY.


The KUDAGIAN RACE will be a new race based on a common ideology and not skin color. They will be of mixed races from the Black Diaspora. The criteria for this race will be quite stringent, but some of the fundamental requirements are as follows: Starting in 2030, any qualified and verified child born to a father of African descent (Lineage for this RACE is patriarchal, the race of the mother will not be a qualifying or disqualifying factor) and has KUDAGIAN written into their birth certificate in the block for Race will be considered a KUDAGIAN. This generation of kids will be born into wealth that has been set aside by the Fortis Society. Each child will be given stock ownership from a variety of FORTIS SOCIETY assets and will have a $10,000 account created in their name at birth. This account will be left to compound interest for 21 years at an annual rate of 10%. This will result in a society of young adults where each person at the age of 21 has a minimum net worth of $74,000.

There will be a detailed set of procedures and interviews required by the parents prior to being qualified to have their kids be a legitimate KUDAGIAN. This includes physicals, intelligence tests, mother’s age (24- 32 years old), The father has been a role model parent and has to be in the child’s life. Couples would have to be married and cannot be separated or be a single mother. These interviews will be required up to 1 year prior to pregnancy and will include follow ups during pregnancy. The KUDAGIAN Race Certification will be finalized after the second trimester. This procedure will be conducted in The Caribbean, U.S., South America, The United Kingdom, and France between the years of 2030 - 2070 only. After 2070, any child born in any of the 4 Kudagian nations will be considered apart of the KUDAGIAN RACE at birth regardless of the parent’s descent.