5 YR PLAN - (2020 - 2025)

Leadership Pyramid.png


The HICS Economy will start in the United States with the 726 Club which will be focused on recruiting Black Entrepreneurs with a credit score of 740 or higher, $20,000+ Cash on hand, 6+ years of Military Service. Members of the 726 Club will be financed by wealthy Black businessmen and celebrities to manage and run a total of 50,000 franchises across the U.S. between 2020 – 2025. During this period, the major HUBS for the HICS ECONOMY will be created through a collaborative effort between select HBCUs and Black Billionaires and Millionaires across the United States. INTERMEDIARIES and CONES for the HICS ECONOMY will be developed in conjunction with various predominantly Black High Schools across the nation.


Black Military leaders of ranks E7 and above, active duty or retired, will be recruited to be the first leaders of the FORTIS SOCIETY. They will establish the rules, policies. And guidelines to ensure order, discipline, and compliance with the law.  Black Professionals, Teachers, and Coaches will be recruited to determine the Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily goals for each CITY HALL for the following 5 Departments: ECONOMY – PHILOSOPHY– EDUCATION – CULTURE – THE 50YP. This effort will be done independently by each city hall to ensure diversity of thought. Each department’s goals will be executed and monitored using the KUDAGIAN GEARS OF COMMAND.


Each major City in the United States will have at least one FORTIS City Hall. City halls will either be purchased, leased, or built from the ground up. The first FORTIS City Halls will be built in Cities that have either a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL or BASKETBALL team. These teams will be encouraged to sponsor the acquisition or building of these city halls for the community. For example, members of the Miami professional athletes will unite and fund the acquisition of a FORTIS City Hall for their city. Also, professional athletes of ORLANDO would do the same for their FORTIS City Hall located in Orlando. Between the year 2020 -2025, we will have a minimum of 50 FORTIS City Halls nationwide





The main goals of Economy, Environment, and Philosophy will be established during the first 5 years between the United States and the Caribbean. The United States will focus primarily on establishing the FORTIS CITY HALLS and THE HICS ECONOMY. The Caribbean’s primary focus will be to secure the land required for the 20 City-States across the Caribbean, commence the building of the first City-State in Jamaica and establish a new philosophy of government for these City-States. The philosophy of government used will be the KSG or The Kudagian System of Government which is based on the concept of Linear Objectivity, Collaborative Government, Inverse Taxation, and Wealth building. The Kudagian Leadership Academy will be created in Jamaica to train these new leaders between 2020-2025.


5-10 YR PLAN - (2025 - 2030)

For this period, the United States would have already had its FORTIS CITY HALLS up and running with a focus on improving Black Economy, Education, and Culture.
The Caribbean would have completed its first TB&E city in Jamaica and will be operating as a key tourist destination for cruise ships, main business hub for the Caribbean and a main Entertainment city for the island. FORTIS CRUISE SHIPS will be bought and operated as luxury cruises going from one City-State to another.


10-15 YR PLAN - (2030 - 2035)

FORTIS 1 MIGRATION: This will be a mass migration of successful Caribbean Americans from the United States and the U.K. that will migrate to the Jamaican City-States to make up the Fortis Society.
The Donahue Migration: This will be a mass migration of African American Boys 80% and Girls 20% to be educated in the Caribbean between the ages of 9-18 to avoid the negatives of Societies Brain Washing and the School to Prison Pipe-line.
This period will also begin the Atlantia- Caribbeana trade route for goods between the Caribbean and North America.

15-20 YR PLAN - (2035 - 2040)

During this period will be the FORTIS 2 Migration: This will be a mass migration of successful African Americans to the Caribbean to populate the cities of the United States of the Caribbean.
This will also be an expansion of the Caribbeana trade out throughout the English speaking Caribbean.
At the end of this period the United States of the Caribbean will be united as an independent nation of City-States under one Flag.

20-25 YR PLAN - (2040 - 2045)

This period will see the beginning of The West Kudagian Cities and entertainment infrastructure being built.
This will be a period of mass trade via the Caribbean, Atlantia, and West Kudagia. Most Exports to West Kudagia.

25-30 YR PLAN - (2045 - 2050)

This period will see the beginning development of the East Kudagian cities. During this same time, the HICS Economy in the U.S is expanding with exports from the U.S and Caribbean to South America , Europe, and Asia.

30-35 YR PLAN - (2050 - 2055)

Farmers from the Caribbean and black Engineers with Heavy Machinery from the United States will take their expertise to KUDAGIA and develop numerous farm-lands to grow and cultivate over 100 variety of crops, fruits, and vegetables across both West Kudagia and East Kudagia. Enough produce will be created to feed the entire continent twice.
In addition, the rearing of various cattle and livestock will be introduced from the Caribbean to make all the Kudagian nations self-sufficient.
Train systems and transit system across the vast cities will be created. In addition, new Airlines and shipping companies will be created to transport the members of the population

35-40 YR PLAN - (2055 - 2060)

By the year 2060, all the City-States of the West Kudagia and East Kudagia will be completed and united under two flags marking their independence.

40-45 YR PLAN - (2060 - 2065)

Central Kudagia will be developed and modernized similarly to the previous countries and will have a vast and modern Rail way system for these land locked countries.

45-50 YR PLAN - (2065 - 2070)

By the year 2070, all the city States of the Central Kudagia will be completed and united under one flag marking their independence. The 50 Year Plan will be celebrated and another 50 Year plan announced.