They say what we know, is just what they teach us...
And we are so ignorant, cause every time they can reach us...

— Bob Marley

THE 6 Ps

The 6 Ps represent the 6 tools of Mental Slavery that are used to hold Blacks where society wants them to be. The 6 Ps are Trusted Institutions which will be here forever. If we do not free ourselves from them, we will never achieve greatness and will never achieve true freedom.

Think of your brain as being physically trapped inside a cell with four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. The floor or the foundation of the cell is POVERTY, which is like being in quick-sand. It is hard to build anything on it and you have to keep moving and keep hustling because if you do not, you will drown. The cell wall to your right represents your PREACHERS who are the second most powerful tool of mental slavery used against Blacks. These leaders were never chosen by us, they were chosen for us, and their number one goal is not to lead us but to contain us, pacify us, teach us to believe, teach us to obey, teach us to have faith, accept poverty and long-suffering, and teach us to look for success and happiness in the next life and not this life. They teach us to suffer peacefully.

The cell wall to your left represents the other set of leaders that were chosen for us and not by us. They are the POLITICIANS and the guardians of the SYSTEM. They care only about our votes and use it as leverage to gain power. They are proven liars and swindlers who cannot be trusted. To the very front of the cell is the PRESS or the media who act as our mirror and tell us who we are by constantly stereotyping us and portraying us in a negative light. This occurs so often and done so well that we start believing it ourselves. The cell wall to rear represents our PAST, which no matter how much you we try to move past it and look to the future, they constantly bring it up to define us and hold us in place right where they want us. They disguise this through events like Black History Month which is used a tool to annually pull us down, lie to us, and hide our greatness. The ceiling of the cell represents the POLICE or the legal system which was designed to systematically eliminate us from society by creating unjust laws that enable and support the need for increased policing and incarceration. This system has been used to strategically rip our families apart and eliminate us from the labor force.