The WELU Theory provides a big picture explanation for everything within our universe, and we mean everything!
The meaning of life; What is God? What was before God? Yes, it explains that too! It explains the past, present, and the future. Why do we have stars, why do we have mosquitoes, why do we dream, why we have dejavu, why do we die? What happens after death? What determines our personality? Why are we here? What is heaven? You name it! It explains it.

Theory vs Theorem

WELU Theory is a theory, but within this theory is the WELU Theorem which provides a proven graphical method of determining what will make a nation a First World Country vice a Third World Country and so on. This is why WELU is the cornerstone of the Fortis Society.

A link to a detailed article on the WELU Theory and Theorem will be provided on this page on Thanksgiving Day:

November 22nd, 2018.
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